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Try for free

We suggest that you try BridgeTabs on an Android tablet (or phone) before you commit to anything. The setup is easy:
i. Connect to Google's (or Amazon's) Play Store.
ii. Search "BridgeTab"
iii. Download, install and the "Open" the BridgeTab application.
iv. Download & install the TD call app onto a separate unit.

Dummy mode

You should first try the "Dummy" mode that is reached via the "Settings" button on the Start screen, See a separate page for further explanations.

Desktop test

Your next step should be to install the whole BridgeTab system, which will enable you to take part in an ongoing pairs game by logging on your BridgeTab (phone/tablet) to the "Demo" event. You can try all functions in Demo mode, but you cannot set up your own games.

Yes, I want to run a desktop test.

Real test

A Real Test is what it says. You register as a BridgeTab user and apply for a  licence that enables you to run games with up to 15 tables free of charge and obligations.

Yes, I am ready to fly.

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