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Real test registration

You need to have installed the Demo version to get a test licence. A test licence is good for use at up to 15 tables in 30 days.

Your test licence will be installed and activated within a few seconds, if your PC is connected to the Internet.

You need to tick “Another PC” if your scoring computer is not connected to the Internet. How this works is explained in detail when you click on the ? button that leads you to BridgeTab’s inbuilt Help.

When you are to set up your own games you start in the same way as when you run the Demo event, but instead of launching the “Demo” event you launch the database that you create with your preferred scoring program.

All instructions are available in the inbuilt Help and you find a summary of all actions needed to set up a system in the Valet document.

Note that you need to have some knowledge of both networks and computers to set up the BridgeTab system without help. You are strongly advised to purchase a Valet Pack, or at least a standard service package, if you would find the on line instructions difficult to follow.

Also note that the BridgeTab system is very easy to run, i.e. it does not need any computer skills, once it has been set up.

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